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Granddaddy's Hot Sauce is Not your typical hot sauce.  It's a unique sauce with versatile ways to enjoy a delicious one-of-a-kind taste!  Our secret sauce can be used on almost anything.

High quality ingredients and a premium unforgettable flavor leaves you wanting more!

So Many Fun Ways to Use Our Specialty Hot Sauce ~

  • Topping over your favorite foods on almost anything including any meats, seafood, vegetables, dips, pastas, eggs and more
  • Marinade – ribs, chicken, hamburgers, steaks, shrimp, and more
  • Cook your favorite dishes and add a unique flavorful taste as a cooking sauce whether baking, grilling, or stove top
  • Standalone dip or add to your favorite dip for your own creative taste
  • Marinade and then Cook with it ~ You will find that each process will add a difference to your favorite dishes so when marinading and then cooking with it, you will experience unbelievable flavor!

See why we say Granddaddy's Hot Sauce is, "Even Good on Cornflakes"

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