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Help spread the word about Granddaddy's Secret Sauce! We’re seeking influencers, bloggers, and websites that love what we offer and want to help us tell people about our versatile sauce.
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Hope to assist in any way to ensure your success in offering our products!
Christine Hiles
Affiliate Manager
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Additional Info -
About us:
Granddaddy's Secret Sauce recipe has been around for over 59 years and created by Granddaddy himself. It has been highly requested by family and friends over many countless meals and occasions. With the help of his grandson, this family secret sauce was brought to market for everyone to enjoy.
Locally produced in Nashville, Tennessee, their focus and goal is to always use high quality ingredients each and every time producing the same great consistent taste.
Product Info:
This is Not your typical hot sauce or spicy barbecue sauce. This decades old secret sauce is known with the “bite in the back" that allows you to experience full flavor when added to almost anything! It's a unique hot sauce with versatile ways to enjoy a delicious one-of-a-kind taste.
So Many Ways You Can Use this High Quality Secret Spicy BBQ Sauce ~
  • Top this great tasting vinegar-based hot sauce on almost anything including any meats, seafood, vegetables, dips, pastas, eggs and more
  • Marinade – ribs, chicken, hamburgers, steaks, shrimp, and more
  • Cook or bake your favorite dishes and add a transforming taste
  • Dip your favorite foods or add to your favorite dipping sauce
  • Use as a standalone salad dressing
Granddaddy's Secret Sauce is considered a tasty marinade for any meats or seafood, vinegar based bbq sauce for ribs, best steak sauce, rib sauce, chicken sauce, and even a bbq marinade.