Our Story

In 1962, Granddaddy, who loved cooking and experimenting with sauces, created a sauce that became a family and friends' favorite for over 50 years. 

Over the years, it became a tradition to give gallons of the sauce to close family and friends, earning it the name "Granddaddy's Hot Sauce" for its deliciousness on almost anything. However, due to its versatility compared to typical hot sauces, it was soon renamed to "Granddaddy's Secret Sauce" to better describe its flavorful and multipurpose nature.

Now passed down to his grandson Steve, you and your family can now create your own traditions and enjoy Granddaddy's Secret Sauce during family gatherings for years to come. Steve's grandfather used the sauce in various dishes like chili and stews, and also loved marinating ribs overnight in the spicy vinegar-based sauce and using it for his amazing BBQ.

This exceptional sauce is manufactured and packaged in Nashville, Tennessee, using the highest quality ingredients and fresh-filled every bottle to ensure a consistent and delicious taste every time. We're thrilled for you to try our sauce and can't wait to hear how you enjoy it!