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Granddaddy's Hot Sauce Selections


A little goes a long way. The mixture of sweet and spicy are the best I’ve ever experienced BEST DAMN HOTSAUCE IVE EVER USED, from marinade, to grilling, to dipping ... I love this stuff and I can’t live with out it!

Jason M.

If I had brought a bigger purse I would have taken it from my fav spot lol...

Ravyn M.

Love the sauce Granddaddy!!!!👍🏽❤️

Brandy L.

I would recommend Granddaddy's Hot Sauce to anyone. It's far superior to other hot sauces with its' tart flavor & tangy taste. It adds flavor to just about any meal!

Phil D.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your sauce. I put it on my steak, chicken, sandwiches, and about everything but cornflakes. I do put it on my eggs & sausage.

Derrick A.

I want to let you know how much I enjoy your hot sauce. I was skeptical at first but sure glad I tried it. Definitely worth it!

Jerry D.

Can't get enough of this sauce! It makes everything taste better no matter what you put it on. Unlike other hot sauces, this one doesn't over power the taste of what you're eating.

Eric P.

Granddaddy's Hot Sauce is so versatile! I use it for grilling, dipping, and marinating. You can't go wrong with this sauce. Well done!

Chris S.

I use it on everything. Truly awesome stuff and I really appreciate the great service.  Keep it up guys!

Maria D.

Meat Marinade for Unbelievable Flavor

Perfect Addition on your Favorite Beef, Chicken, or Pork.

Incredible as a Dip

Or Add it to Your Favorite One

Unforgettable Topping

Perfect on Baked Potatoes & Other Vegetables

Flavorful as a Salad Dressing

Not Your Typical Hot Sauce